Transforming financial freedom across borders: Welcome to Vest!

Our mission: Unlocking global investment opportunities

At Vest, we envision a world free of financial barriers. Born in Mexico and now reaching the heart of Brazil, our journey is based on a simple but powerful belief: everyone deserves access to the world's largest markets, especially the dynamic U.S. stock exchanges.

Our promise: independence, client first and market democratization

We are not your typical investment firm. Our cornerstone is independence, which guarantees unbiased, client-focused services. At Vest, we are breaking down walls and making investing accessible and enjoyable for everyone. We are not just a company, but a movement towards the democratization of markets.

Created for you, by people like you. We are a team distributed in different countries, working in sync to develop the platform you are looking for. 

With Vest, embark on your journey as a global investor with confidence, we are a fully FINRA regulated, SIPC member company. More than a platform; we are your partner in financial exploration. Join and participate in a community that believes in investing without borders.