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Is it safe to invest in Vest?

Vest is a registered Broker Dealer as Northbound Securities LLC, we are regulated by FINRA. We are a member of SIPC who protects the securities of its members' customers up to $500,000 USD (including $250,000 for cash claims). Find more information in the explanatory brochure available upon request or at

How do I open an account with Vest?

You just need to have your ID on hand and follow the steps within the app. It's easy and super intuitive. Your account is ready in minutes and you will be able to make a transfer to start building your dollar investments.

What is Vest's commission?

Our fees are simple. There are no account opening fees. We charge a $1 USD maintenance fee, which is waived if you make a monthly deposit of any amount. A 0.5% commission is charged on all orders (both buy and sell). You can view our fee schedule here.

Do I have to speak English to invest in the United States?

No! The Vest app can be configured in Spanish, all the contents and information of your investments in your language. We also have support in Portuguese and Spanish.

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